Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Benefit’s Erase Paste Review

Benefit’s Erase Paste Review 

Wondering through my local Beales I cannot help but stop by the beauty department. I love the way the counters are set out, all bright and beautiful drawing you in. Closer and closer, until whats that? You have bought something. Woops! 

There are not very many sort after brands in my local department store. My favourite out of the ones they do sell is Benefit. Unfortunately, they do not sell brands such as Mac, Urban decay or Laura Mercier. Which is upsetting for me but very lucky for my bank balance. 

I picked up the Benefit’s Erase Paste as I wanted to find a concealer which would be able to cover any pimples or spot scaring. I really like this concealer for this reason. It has quite heavy coverage but does not look too caky on the face. I really like to wear it on it’s own with a bit of powder on top to set it. Another plus is that is lasts throughout the day and is also very easy to touch up if needs be. Along with wearing it on it’s own, it is also very easy to blend when applying on top of a foundation. 

I do however, wish there were more than just three shades to choose from as I feel even the lightest is still too dark for my skin tone. I do feel that Benefit do not seem to cater for really light skin, I find it very difficult to match myself to their concealers and foundations and because of this tend to stick to using their eye products and primers. 

What is your experience with Benefit’s Erase Paste? 


Sunday, 7 September 2014

August Favourites: Beauty & Randoms!

August Favourites

It’s September which means it is almost time for me to go to University. It’s exciting nerve wracking and scary all in one anxious bundle of emotions. Some days I just want to go AHHHHHHH!!!! The month of August and the Start of this month has been hellish for personal reasons. But I thought that I would let you know my August Favourites. Beauty and a few randomers. 

Let’s start with beauty…

Rimmel Stay Matte BB Cream 

I have to say, generally I am not a fan of BB Creams as they never have enough coverage and can make my face look very oily, which it is not. I have normal skin with dry patches. This BB cream does not seem to cling to the dry patches like some of my foundations can. During the summer I like to wear slightly less coverage to compensate for the full coverage I wear during the winter months. This BB Cream is perfect for this, it is not too heavy but provides the right amount of coverage. 

Hoola Bronzer

This is my holy grail bronzer, it has been a favourite of mine for a very long time and I have had it for a good couple of years now. I use it everyday and it has just hit the base. A very sad time in any girls life is when you hit pan on one of your most beloved products. I use this in the hollows of my cheek bones, temples and under my jaw line. I then like to use a more precise contour brush to define my cheeks a little bit more. 

Nyx Blushes 

I completely forgot I had this Nyx set. I got it for christmas and think it would be perfect to travel with as it has lots of eye colours, four blush shades, two highlighters and a matte bronzer. The eye shadows are not great like the Naked Palettes, but I absolutely love the blushes. They are so pigmented and very easy to blend. 

My two favourite ones are the first two. The set does not come with the name of the blushes which is quite annoying but my only complaint. 

VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion  

Now can I just say, I do not need any more volume for my hair. The reason I use this is because it leaves my hair so smooth and silky after blow drying. It also is an extra heat defence which I love. I definitely can see a difference in my hair since using this product, it protects it from any damage and also I have very long hair that grows very fast and I definitely feel it has been growing at an added rate since using it. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume

This is one of the newer perfumes in the Marc Jacobs collection. My mum recently bought this for me to go to Uni with. I absolutely love the sent of this perfume, it is a sweet floral smell that is not too harsh or in your face. Perfect for going into the Autumn. I love the bottle as well as it is so delicate and dainty. 

The Simpsons: Tapped Out App

I love this app! Shamefully I can say I have been using it for a good 2-3 years now. I go through fazes where I will not play it for months and then go straight back to it. I absolutely love it. It passes time like no tomorrow and is definitely addictive! 

Mac Book Pro 

Unfortunately, last month my macbook pro broke, it was a very sad day with Apple refusing to fix it. They would have charged me an insane amount to get it fixed, therefore insurance is always best. I was able to get a new Mac Book Pro with £100 cashback! 

After losing a Mac Book Pro I realised just how rubbish it was without one. I am able to do everything I love on here. Including writing, editing videos, watching Youtube videos and browsing through the internet. It is so fast it is insane. I Love it!! 

What were your favourites this August? 


Saturday, 6 September 2014

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water Review

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water Review

I have completely finished the La Roche-Posay Micellar Water and thought I would let you all know how I felt about it. Bioderma is a very difficult thing to get your hands on, unless you order it online- which could take days to arrive, so I wanted to find something that was easily accessible. I had heard many good things about La Roche Posay products and thought that this may be the next best thing.

Using it for about a month now - I definitely have an opinion on it. From first impression it had a lovely smell which bioderma does not. After using it for a while I can certainly say I love it, it helped to hydrate my skin and leave it feeling very smooth and soft. I have troubles with dry patches on my face and it seemed to help to prevent these. 

To take my make up off I did not need to use too much of the product, it was very good at taking my face make up off but struggled slightly when attempting to take mascara and eye liner off. I have been putting the Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Eye Liner to the test and it was a slight mission to get it off with this particular micellar solution. I know from personal experience the Bioderma micellar water takes Benefits They’re Real mascara off very easily without tugging at the eyes at all. However, for all other mascara’s and eyeliners it was perfectly fine. 

For this reason I would opt to go back to Bioderma, with this as a close personal second favourite. However, I am always open to trying other Micellar solution products and am currently trying the Garnier one - another I had read a lot of good things about. 

What is your favourite Micellar Solution? 


Sunday, 3 August 2014

New Mac Lipstick Review

New Mac Lipstick Review
The Mac lipstick craze will never fade I fear and whilst this is the case I cannot help but be drawn to them when I come across a Mac counter! 
The pretty colours are engaging and the wonderful smell of the lipsticks intoxicating. My personal favourite type of Mac lipsticks are the Creme Sheen range as they are easy to apply and feel great! 
Personally I am not a fan of the ‘Matte’ lipsticks as I like to have a matte face. Having both is too much for me - I also feel as though my lips should feel nourished and creamy and with a Matte lipstick they do not. 
The latest colour I have picked up and not been able to stop wearing due to the perfection of the shade is ‘Speed Dial’. It is the perfect pink shade, not too light that you can look ill and not to in your face neon! It reminds me slightly of Mac’s ‘Shocking Pink’ which is quite vibrant. This is almost a few shades lighter and is a very wearable shade for the day. 

As with the rest of my Mac lipsticks it is very long lasting, resulting in me not needing to reapply for a good few hours! 

What is your favourite Mac Lipsticks?


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

La Roche-Posay -Physiological Micellar Solution | First Impression

La Roche-Posay -Physiological Micellar Solution First Impression
I picked this particular micellar water on a recent trip to Bristol as I had finished my Bioderma bottle - a sad time I must say. As I can only seem to find Bioderma in Bath I thought that I would try and find something similar before I move to Bath and can actually continuously buy Bioderma. 
I have read many good things about this brand and I am in love with using micellar solution to remove my make up as it is so gentle to the face. I have sensitive skin so I cannot use anything too harsh which may aggravate it or cause it to become inflamed. 
When pouring a few drops onto a cotton pad I realise that unlike Bioderma it has a nice sweet scent. It is not too harsh and I hope that it will not irritate my skin. 
Starting with my eyes it is very light and soft and is not irritating them at all. The scent is not overpowering at all and is quite refreshing. 
After taking all my make up off I am really liking this product. There is no weird tingle - like I used to get with the L’Oreal Micellar Solution. It has taken all my make up off leaving it very easy for me to cleanse my face before I go to bed. 
As first immersion goes this is a good one. I am very impressed by this product and one of the highlights is that it is not causing any of my spots or imperfections to become irritated. 

I will have a more detailed review once I have properly tested the product.
Have you used this product or any other product from La Roche-Posay range, if so what do you think of them? 

Thanks For Reading 


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Trip to Bristol | Beauty Haul

Trip to Bristol - Beauty Haul 
Recently, for personal reasons we had to take a small trip to Bristol. I really wish I had taken more photos as Bristol is a lovely city with many photo opportunities. But this meant I had more time for shopping! 
It was very early in the morning and we wanted to find somewhere to have breakfast but nowhere was open! Therefore we decided to go to Boots for our  first stop!! 
There were a few things my mum wanted to pick up in boots, the first being the new Sally Hansen nail polishes. Unfortunately, boots didn't have the colour she wanted so Superdrug was our next stop. 

We did however pick up a few little things. Mum was after the soap and glory travel sized hand food - which of course they didn't have but instead picked up the large bottle. I love this stuff it leaves your hands silky smooth and keeps them looking healthy! 

I needed a new make up remover as I had just finished my large bottle of bioderma! I decided to pick up the La Roche-Posey Micellar Water. I am going to be doing a  full review on this product once I have been using it for a few weeks! 

The final product we got were the Soap & Glory face wipes for sensitive skin with I think are amazing. 

Next stop, Superdrug! Here we found the nail polishes we wanted, they were on the 3 for 2 offer that Superdrug runs every now and again and of course we snatched up that opportunity. We got the colours ‘Jaded’ ‘Naked Ambition’ and ‘Tahitian Sunset’.

We then went to Debenhams for a yummy cooked breakfast! And of course afterwards we had to stop at the MAC counter. Here I picked up a new lipstick in the colour ‘Speed dial’ it is a beautiful pink shade. Normally, I am very boring when it comes to the colour of my lipstick - but I have been loving pink shades recently. I also got this lipstick at a bargain price as I had £10.00 worth of rewards on my card making it only £5.50!! 

We then ventured through town to Cabot’s Circus and into ‘House of Fraser’ Here my mum picked up a new lipstick from the Bare Minerals counter in the colour ‘Get Ready’.  

‘Harvey Nicholson’, this has to be my new favourite store - it is so beautiful. I ventured over to the Laura Mercier counter and may have gone slightly crazy. I bought the Mostuire Supreme Foundation in the colour Porcelain Ivory. I will be doing a in-depth review so stay tuned! 

I also got the Secret Camouflage concealer- which I have yet to use but I will keep you posted.

We then moved over the hair section of the store. I had been without GHD’s for a few months and have been waiting to get a new pair, my lovely mum said she would get them for me as a present for Uni. I got the original black ones as I find these last much longer than the coloured or limited edition ones. They also curl my hair perfectly too. 

I hope you enjoyed this little but expensive haul, luckily I restrained myself from going into the Primark store otherwise this could have been much worse!

Thanks For Reading 


Monday, 7 July 2014

A Weekend Trip to Torquay | ShannonKims

A Weekend Away In Torquay  
A couple of weeks ago myself and my boyfriend Pete, took a weekend trip away to Torquay. The weather was luckily on our side and we had 3 days of lovely sunshine! 
On the first day we had fun wondering around the town, walking along the harbour and enjoying free tea in the large ball room. 
Each night we enjoyed a 3 course meal and then went to play bingo.
The hotel we stayed in I had been to many times before, it has had a lot of work done to improve the facilities and also the overall look. It is a hotel complex with 4 hotels linking together. There are 2 very large indoor pools, a spa. A ballroom with evening entertainment, restaurants in each of the hotels and then an bistro style cafe. There is even a games room where I constantly beat Pete at many games of bowling and table tennis! 

The second day saw us going to the Paington Zoo! This zoo is hands down the best I have ever been to, with Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Zebras and even an elephant! Which graced us with an extremely impressive toilet break! 
On the final day we enjoyed a walk down to the harbour buying mini doughnuts and getting lunch in a near by cafe!I was very sad to leave as it had been such an amazing few days! 
Where have you guys been recently?